Residential Washing

House Washing

As a proud homeowner, you want your home to look its best and continue to provide a welcoming atmosphere to your visitors. When the exterior of your home needs a washing, call the skilled experts at Josh’s Quality Pressure Washing. Trust our team to get you quality results you can take pride in, that your guests will admire, and your neighbors will envy.

At Josh’s Quality Pressure Washing, we understand that your home is likely one of the most significant investments you’ll ever make. As such, we provide high-quality house washing services to protect your investment through the years.

Call us today to get an estimate for your home. Our team of experts is standing by to assist you in any way.

Soft Wash

Our soft-washing service is ideal for restoring the exterior walls of your home as well as other surfaces that may be too delicate for high-pressure cleaning.

How Low-Pressure Washing Works

Soft-washing uses gentle detergents and low pressure to loosen the dirt and grime and kill the algae, moss, and lichens that causes discoloration on gutters, siding, and stucco.

We spray the entire house with our unique mix of detergents. We then use low and reduced pressure to give your surfaces a final low-pressure rinse, making your home look new again.

Roof Washing

The roof is the most critical surface in your home. It provides an essential layer of protection to the rest of your home from the elements.

Routine roof cleaning is necessary to keep your roof in the best shape possible, and you can count on Josh’s Quality Pressure Washing to get the job done right.

We offer quality roof cleaning services, and our team of skilled professionals works to help guard your roof against harm and keep it looking great.

Our team of experts is standing by and is happy to assist you in any way.

Spanish Tile Roof Cleaning

Failing to clean your roof can cause individual tiles to weaken and eventually form holes. The first thing that you will notice is that it has begun to lose its gorgeous color. When your tile roof becomes dull, call Josh’s Quality Pressure Washing for a roof cleaning. Properly cleaning roof tiles will protect them and extend your roof’s life.

We clean your roof surface using a tried-and-true solution. We make sure that you cover vegetation around your home, as the runoff with the mixture can damage some plants.

Once clean, we take measures to ensure that the tiles remain protected. We seal the tiles with primers and sealants, and buff newly cleaned tiles with clean, dry cloth rags.

To avoid particle buildup, wash your tile roofing every two years; however, if you notice growth before then, don’t hesitate to clean more frequently.

Concrete Cleaning Services


Sidewalks collect grime over time, and it can make surfaces slick and dangerous. If you need professional sidewalk cleaning services for your property, Josh’s Quality Pressure Washing is the company you should trust to get the job done.

Call our team of professionals for quality results. As the premier pressure washing company in the area, we can help, no matter the shape of your sidewalks.


The driveway of your home meets your guests before you greet them. If the driveway is looking a bit dingy, it can give off a wrong impression. Don’t let mildew, oil, grease, or grime be a hazard for your guests. Our services will restore your driveway to its original condition, improving safety and curb appeal.

All concrete service quotes include a post and pre-treatment to slow algae regrowth and keep your sidewalks clean for longer.

Pool Deck & Enclosure Services

Algae, mold, and tree debris create unsightly dark stains and crowd enclosures. Call Josh’s Quality Pressure Washing to wash away these unattractive stains by pressure-washing your pool enclosures, leaving a space everyone can enjoy.

Pollen buildup causes problems for allergy sufferers. Call Josh’s Quality Pressure Washing and pollen won’t stand a chance, and the dirty film it leaves on pool cages will be a thing of the past. Regular cleaning reduces pollen buildup, and everyone can enjoy the patio in peace.

Many power washing tools use intense force, around 3500 psi, but this pressure should only be used on concrete. At Josh’s Quality Pressure Washing, we have the expertise to know what pressure is needed on each surface. We care for your surfaces like they are our own. Call us…we are the experts.

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